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The Answer Pad: Add a Little Spontaneity to your Class!

Active Learning = Increased Student Outcomes.
It's All About Student Engagement & Timely Feedback!

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Teachers are always browser based, but students can choose. APPS


Quick Response

It's all about spontaneity and engagement.

Quick Response

Interactive engages your students like never before, gathering data to pivot instruction. Feedback is the number one factor in increasing student learning.


Meeting teachers as they transition to digital assessment.


Use your paper quizzes that you know and love but don’t spend time typing your quizzes online. Create answer keys and use The Answer Pad’s time saving solution!


Immediate results to drive instruction!


Immediate, cloud-based results for teachers, immediate feedback for students. Pre-loaded with Common Core Standards, but can be customized!

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Quick Response: Interactive

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Quizzes: Answer Sheets

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Cloud-Based Reporting

The Go Interactive sessions are an amazing way to conduct formative assessment and is a quick and easy way to check for student understanding.
Students enjoy taking the tests on their iPads, and I love how the grading is done for me.
Mindy Christianson, Underwood School, MN
The Answer Pad gives me the ability to continue my whole-class discussions and instruction, while adding a level of interactivity and assessment.
I needed a resource where I could see my students work and understanding of concepts such as graphing. The AnswerPad made that happen.
Gary Martinez, Hammond High Magnet School
The fact that The Answer Pad can be used on any device is a huge plus in our BYOD environment.
Wendy Goodwin, Gadsden City Schools
The Answer Pad allows my students to respond in a safe environment while having fun on their device.
I have formative assessment data in real time to guide my instruction as it’s happening. Priceless! 
I love using TAP! The variety of question types make this application a cut above the others.
Heather Krieger, Williamsville Central Schools, NY