There are a number of ways to use the open-ended response types on Go Interactive at The Answer Pad. Here are a couple of ideas.

Creating a Back Channel

While teaching the lesson, a teacher will often ask the students if there are any questions about the material being taught. While some students might ask, there are many that may have a question, but are not about to ask it in front of the class.

Using Go Interactive, the teacher can push out one of two types of responses to create a back channel for the students.
1. The open-ended response type, using the fill in.
2. The blank scratch pad, for free response or using the text box tool. The text box is easier for a longer question or concern.

The teacher will get immediate feedback on the teacher dashboard, and can either address the concerns at that time, or later. Since students are not anonymous in The Answer Pad, the teacher can immediately see who the question came from. Depending on the purpose, the teacher could enlarge and project any questions or concerns that are common in the classroom. Names are removed when projecting. This can create a great opportunity for class discussion. If the question came up multiple times, projecting it and discussing it can be very reassuring for students, as they realize that they are not the only one with that question or concern.

Creating Customized Exit Tickets
While The Answer Pad does not have pre-determined exit tickets, teachers can create them before and save them in the favorites folder, or just create on-the-fly at the end of the class period. The open-ended or blank scratch pad can also easily be used for students to be able to send a private question or concern to the teacher at the end of a class.


These are just a couple of ways to use the open-ended response types. Maybe you have more ideas to share?