We recently had a conversation with one of our users about having students show their work to support their answer, and how the teacher could be able to assign a score or give partial credit for the work that they drew. Upgraded users at The Answer Pad have two additional question types. One of these is the essay type and it is our only teacher-scored question type on the Answer Sheet.

So why not use the essay type to have students show the reasoning behind how they found their answer? Since every question has the draw tool to show work, students can draw their answer or upload a picture of the answer to the scratch pad. When the test is submitted, the teacher can see the “essay” and the work side by side. Both elements are given a combined score by the teacher.


The question on the test was Solve for x.

x + 7 = 3

Tanner used the essay box on his answer sheet to type in the process that he used to solve the equation. He used the scratch pad to show his work. Now his teacher can look at both and assign credit for the combined answer.