While the grading solution at The Answer Pad (TAP) is set up for summative assessments, it is an equally powerful formative assessment tool for teachers.

There are many different forms of formative assessment. TAP covers formative assessment very efficiently and effectively with the Interactive student response system which can be used for quick checks for understanding and asking questions. Answer Sheets, however, is where TAP excels when trying to obtain immediate data from quizzes, regardless of whether the data is used formatively or on a more formal level.

If you are using any online quiz tool or even Google Forms to gather data from quizzes, you are probably using a quiz that you already have, or perhaps finding a resource online. Either way, you will need to spend time typing in the whole quiz online, finding and sizing graphics, and probably limiting yourself to multiple choice or a fill – in type of question.

TAP has come up with a huge time-saving solution! It uses your existing quizzes and has the students answer the quiz online. “Sort of like a Scantron?” you ask. Well, yes and no. Unlike Scantron, or other quiz tools that have some basic question types available, TAP has much more to offer.

  • 10+ Question Types: ABCD, ABCDE, FGHJ, FGHJK, TF, Y/N, Coordinate Grids, 2 kinds of Shade-In, Fill in the Blank, Number Wheel (for decimals and fractions), Multiple Correct MC, and teacher scored Essay. Yes, there are more in the works!
  • Regardless of the question type, TAP provides students with a scratch pad to show their work supporting their answer. This tool also allows students to take a photo. Teachers immediately see the students work in their reports.
  • A paperless solution. Teachers can upload the test file and display the test to the students.
  • Students can see their results and review their test immediately upon scoring.
  • TAP comes with its own built-in reports by standard, any standard.  As soon as the student turns in the quiz, the data is available.
  • TAP also has some great utility tools available, for example, un-scoring of tests if students score prematurely, timed tests, start and end dates, and a built-in calculator.

answer_sheets_2TAP provides teachers with an online solution, and an interactive experience for the students. Not a single question has been typed in, and it is automatically graded. Data at your fingertips to pivot instruction.

Watch the overview video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EO9xrDMs4rw