So we have been listening to you all and working on making some updates to improve our classroom tool.

The two features that we just released are Answer Pad+ Features. Since we upgrade everyone to Answer Pad+ for 30 days when registering at the site, go ahead and sign up to check this out!

Our grading solution for paper tests was created to bridge a gap for teachers between creating online quizzes and using paper quizzes. Not all quizzes can easily be converted to on-line delivery. You may not have selected response questions, and the quiz might be graphic intensive. The Answer Pad gets around all that by creating answer sheets, as opposed to delivering the quiz itself. Until now, the solution required the paper test to be distributed to the students. We just released the paperless solution. Here’s how it looks on the iPad: Paperless Solution on iPad. Here’s how it looks on the browser: Paperless Solution on Browser.

Teachers have been able to upload images to the Template Gallery for a while, they have also been able to pre-draw on the images before sending out. This could mean typing a question on the image, or drawing something on the background image before pushing it out to the students. Now, teachers can add any of our interactive response types to the image. This creates interactive graphics for the students to use. Here is an example: Interactive Question

We hope you enjoy these new features. Please let us know what you think. We are on to our next improvement: Making TAP more mobile friendly.