Thinking Outside of the Box.

We love it when teachers explore and then contact us to see if The Answer Pad could be a suitable tool for the task at hand. We love it, even more, when we get to collaborate with a teacher to come up with a solution, which may be a little outside the conventional use of the tool, but that works for their particular solution.

We were approached by a teacher a couple of months ago that we were able to help out by having the teacher use Answer Sheets in an Interactive session.

What was the teacher trying to do?
The teacher wanted to use Interactive during class to poll the students with 4 or 5 questions at the end of a lecture. He wanted to project up MC questions, one by one, have the students answer them, score them and collect data for his grade book. Once completed, the teacher wanted to go back and review question by question.

What was the problem?
The issue was that we do not score Interactive questions. We use Interactive as a truly formative tool and none of the responses are graded.

What was the solution?
The solution was to use the Answer Sheets but in an interactive way.

Let me explain:

The teacher set up the 4 questions as a quiz using Answer Sheets.
He put in all the correct answers and assigned the quiz to the students towards the end of class. He projected his powerpoint questions one by one for 5 minutes.
The students answered on their device.
This was repeated 4 times over until all questions had been answered.
At the end, the students turned in the test and the data was available.
Students were able to review the questions with the class and the teacher.

Features on Answer Pad that made this easier to manage.
The teacher was able to assign a timer to the test so that there was only a certain amount of time to complete the 4 questions.
The teacher was able to monitor the quiz live to see when all the students had responded to each question.
The teacher was able to turn off the review mode so that students couldn’t tell each other the answers, and then turn review back on when going over the questions.
The teacher was able to assign an end date to the quiz so that those absent from class could not go in at a later date and complete the assignment.