Quick ConnectIt’s been a while since we posted, needless to say we have been swamped. We started out last summer with plans for a new user interface, which we really needed having added so many features based on teacher feedback. We were definitely in need of a clean up! Of course, as we were designing this, many other ideas, issues etc came up and things have taken a lot longer than expected.

We are happy with our new look and the new version is currently out, in beta, being tested. If the testing goes well, we are hoping that we will be able to let everyone hop on the new version this school year to try it out. We have added some nice new features, in addition to our new look, and we think and hope that you will all agree that The Answer Pad upgrade will be well worth looking into for the coming school year.

So what can you expect?

  • A new look and feel. The look will be consistent across all browsers and all devices.
  • Teachers will still be browser based, student will have browser and apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • New drawing tools for teachers and students. We have changed our communication system to improve speed.
  • A Quick Connect code for Interactive so that there is no need to set up a group and enroll students.
  • Template Gallery will be a paid Answer Pad+ feature.
  • Two new question types for Answer Sheets: Teacher scored essay and multiple correct.(Answer Pad+)

Our focus is to keep The Answer Pad simple, quick and easy to use on-the-fly and to provide awesome drawing options for teachers and students alike. Unlike some other options out there, we use Interactive for the formative, un-scored data and Answer Sheets for the actual collecting of scored data. We hope that you will try it out when it gets released – please let us know what you think!