Just a quick blog to confirm that the rumor is, in fact, true. Last month, we did release The Answer Pad for BYOD!

This means that the students can now log in at TheAnswerPad.com as a student and participate in a Go Interactive session and also complete answer sheets using any browser.

Students can use all current versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE. They can use tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, Netbooks and the like (even Kindle Fire and Blackberry).  iPhone too- this works great for Go Interactive session. The Answer Sheets certainly work on the phone but length of the test can be an issue due to the size of the screen. Teachers can also use the tablet to walk around the class and not be tethered to their desks.

For the moment, the browser version is actually ahead of the TAPit Free iPad app in features!

The Go Interactive browser version has an enhanced drawing palette, which the iPad app does not currently have. The palette allows students to draw with line tools, change thickness, change colors, change font size, draw perfect shapes with the line tool, the circle and rectangle tools. The best part is, we have overcome the writing issues on the browser with a mouse, by adding text boxes (just remember to click out of the text box when your done writing). This is great for annotating drawings, note taking etc.

I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty cool- and you will be happy to know that the advanced palette is coming soon, to an iPad app near you!