It has been in the works for several months and has finally been released; the Go Interactive component of The Answer Pad. This component allows teachers to engage their students by “pushing” out different response types to the class. The students submit their responses and the teacher dashboard displays a great visual of all the students responses on one screen. The best part about Go Interactive is the fact that, since teachers are not typing in questions, or making slides and presentations, there is almost no preparation needed to use this tool in the classroom.

The most common and obvious format is multiple choice, true / false, and yes / no. These response types are pretty common, but still provide valuable data to the teacher. The Answer Pad aliactive_slide2so has a graphical thumbs up / down which is like a yes / no, but a little more fun for the students. The fill-in response type allows the students to use their keyboards and type a response. This could be a numerical response, or even a short sentence. It could also be used to ask the teacher a question. The slider response type provides students (and teacher) with five levels of response, all color coded with green, yellow-green, yellow, orange, and red.

The most exciting aspect is the phenomenal new draw response typedraw. Using draw, student simply draw and submit their drawings. The teacher then gets an visual overview of the entire class’ response. If this was not good enough, the teacher can also select one of several different backgrounds. The teacher can choose to send an axis, a numberline, a grid, an open clock face, or a letter for the students to trace. These are just to get started, so the teachers can start to understand how this can be used.

Of course, as cool and useful as this is, there is still more coming in the next 2-3 weeks with even better features. The best part; using the core features is still free for a teacher. Yes, a teacher with up to 36 students can use most of the features for free. It’s fully functional and allows the teacher to make the best use of time in the classroom.