I recently watched a great video that was put together by Common Sense Media about formative assessment, formative assessment apps and how they can be used to further student learning. One important point that was made was that it’s not about the quiz, but more about what happens after the quiz.

This got me thinking! When we created The Answer Pad, we had designed it thinking that Interactive would occur first, followed by Answer Sheets to grade the quiz that would come after. But what if we flipped this around and followed the thought process outlined in the video that I watched?

The Answer Pad works perfectly with this model. Students can take the quiz on The Answer Pad, and show their work, and teachers get immediate results which can help them direct a great discussion with the class.

Since the teacher can see the results live and see how the students got their answer, she can easily start an Interactive session after the quiz, and get some amazing feedback from the students. Our free quick choice response types make this easy.

Our Likert Scale, and Thumbs Up/Down and Yes/No can quickly be used to answer the following types of questions:

  • How confident were you going into the quiz?
  • How hard do you think the quiz was?
  • Were you prepared for the quiz?

The fill in can be used for more open-ended questions like:

  • Which question was the most challenging?
  • What do you still need to learn about….?

All of these are great for encouraging classroom discussion. Teachers can hide names and enlarge individual responses too.

The fill-in is also great for backchanneling and for students to ask their own questions.

Finish it up with one of our pre-made exit tickets or create your own.

Thanks for the ideas, Common Sense Media – Flip The Answer Pad around and try the quiz first!

Great response type to gauge confidence.