The most frequent question we get asked is “ How are we different from other response systems”. I covered the quiz/poll nature of student response systems in Part 1. In this post, I will cover how The Answer Pad response system is different from other response systems that are out there, with regards to engaging students in real time.

Discussing Interactivity

Let’s face it – student responses are similar in that they collect student responses. Teachers send something, students respond. However, they are not all similar in what they can send, what they can receive and what they can store.

What makes The Answer Pad subtly different from the rest?

  • The Answer Pad is a graphical student response system.
  • It runs on all modern browsers, devices and is content agnostic.
  • The Answer Pad has a full template gallery of background images to send.
  • Teachers can make the images interactive.
  • Teachers can create on the fly, or prepare ahead of time.
  • The Answer Pad has a cloud-based digital portfolio of student work.

The Answer Pad is a student response system, so of course we have the typical select response question types that can be pushed out to the students. M/C, T/F, Yes/No, Fill in are a given. What makes us unique is the graphical nature of the tool and the templated backgrounds that come with The Answer Pad. The template gallery is loaded with blackline masters, diagrams and the like, that teachers can send out to students. Teachers can write questions on top of them, pre-draw on them, make them interactive. Teachers can upload their own background images and store them in their favorites folder. This is great for preparing ahead of time. Pull all the backgrounds for a particular unit into the favorites, so that they are on hand when needed. We also capture all these images for cloud-based digital portfolios. The new Portfolio tool, captures the Go Interactive sessions ( optional), teachers can flag specific responses to look at later. Browse by class, by tag, by student, and export to another location, if desired. This is ideal for GAFE schools that have student drive accounts.

In a student centered classroom, The Answer Pad gives teachers flexibility, and students an opportunity to show what they know, and not just select what they know, all the while capturing moments in time to show growth over time.