As we all know, there are a number of different response type tools available to teachers. All are great tools, and all are subtly different from one another. I believe that all can send and receive select response data from students on any device, some do better it than others on different browsers and devices, some include gamification, and so on and so forth.

Let’s look at Quizzes and Polling.
All student response systems have the ability to sent out M/C, most have fill in, T/F, Yes/No for polling. I am pretty sure all score quiz questions in response mode. (Correct me if I am wrong!) This is done either question by question, or as a quiz. Most also allow student paced quiz taking. Some allow graphics, some do not. The report capabilities vary.

What makes The Answer Pad subtly different from the rest?

The Answer Pad uses the Go Interactive response mode for unscored, formative assessment, and digital portfolios only. We use Answer sheets for scoring quizzes. Even here, The Answer Pad handles quizzes differently.
Teachers do not type in quiz questions on-line.
Teachers create answer keys to existing paper, electronic tests or textbook quizzes.
The Answer Pad is not limited to basic MC questions types.
On-line, immediate reporting to the standard, Common Core, or any standards.
Cool tools like timed quizzes, differentiation, calculators, look up charts, proficiency.
The ability to capture and view student work. How did they find their answer?
The Answer Pad can provide a paperless solution, without typing in questions on-line.

We do not want teachers trying to recreate quizzes on-line. Why? It’s time consuming, restrictive with regards to question type and standards, difficult to layout with graphics. We create answer keys for quizzes that have already been created. This is a quick process, and we have many more question types. We can tie each question to Common Core Standard, or in fact, any standard. No only that, we also have some nice additional features like timed tests, calculators, proficiency levels, look up charts, differentiation. But the clincher for me, is the paperless solution. You can get all your paper quizzes graded by The Answer Pad, without typing in a single question.
Here is the Cheat Sheet. Give it a shot!