The Answer Pad has had an awesome year, and we have many people to thank for that, for a variety of different reasons. We have been involved in many different events this year. We started with ISTE in San Antonio, iPad Summit in Atlanta and Boston, MASSCUE with Learn Launch, CECA, Edscape, ACTEM and NYSCATE, Edsurge in Rhode Island and Silicon Valley. We have been able to support many of the EdCamps around the country, a concept that we truly believe in. We have met so many great teachers, supportive mentors and awesome start-ups.

There are too many to mention, and we thank everyone who has been a part of our first year journey, but there are some we’d like to especially recognize.

For supporting from the very beginning on social media:
1. Erin Klein
2. Jena Sherry
3. David Kapuler
4. Monica Burns
5. Laura Conley
6. Sharon Le Page Plante
7. The Lady Geeks
8. Craig Yen
9. Wendy Goodwin
10. Ron Farrow

Ten Early Adopters of The Answer Pad:
1. Brian Blaszak
2. Tom Ciaccio
3. Amy Martin
4. Daniel LaFerte
5. Amanda Fox
6. Kellie Arnold
7. Kathy O’Dell
8. Mary Strother
9. Caroline Ashkar
10. Ashlie Smith

Ten new start-up friends we’ve met on the road. Check these out if you haven’t already:
1. Balefire Labs
2. Ponder
3. Brain Parade
4. Three Ring
5. Scrible
6. Storyboard That
7. 30 Hands
8. UClass
9. Metryx
10. Lightning Grader

We are very much looking forward to 2014 and all that we hope it will bring. We are starting out with BETT in London in January, a trip home for me, which will be great! We hope to see many of you on the road during Spring and Summer. The Answer Pad will have several exciting and compelling new features coming out too, so make sure you check it out.