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Read through our FAQs by topic to find a lot of what you might need. If you can’t find your answer, please contact us.

Individual teachers can upgrade by themselves online, using a credit card. If you have multiple teachers using the tool in the same location, it is more cost effective to convert to the school version. This needs to be done by contacting us, so that we can move all users and data to one centralized location.

Yes, The Answer Pad is a fully functioning, comprehensive tool. It is a “freemium” model tool, which means there is a free version, an Answer Pad + upgraded version and a school version. Upgrading your free account gives you more flexibility and more features. Teachers can upgrade to Answer Pad + on the website by clicking Upgrade. Schools should contact us for a quote. The free version is for 1 teacher, with up to 8 groups and 200 students.

For Interactive, students do not need a log in. They can connect to the session using a Quick Connect code. When using our answer sheets a log in is required. The Answer Pad is a little different from some apps that are available. The Answer Pad is a platform that gathers and tracks progress by student, by standard. In order to be able to do this effectively, we need to know who the students are, and who the data belongs to. Teachers can manually enter the user names and password, set up a self registration or import a file. We do not use student email addresses.

Yes! The Answer Pad believes that teachers should be able to play for free. When teachers sign up for a free account, we give them a one time opportunity to get a 30-day upgrade to Answer Pad+. This way they can experience all the premium features. After 30 days the account will revert to a free account.

Teachers are always browser based. Teachers could be on a browser on a computer or laptop, tablet, iPad or even a phone. Students can be browser based or the can download the free Answer Pad app for Android and iOs.

Yes. The license is valid for 12 months, a full calendar year, if you purchase at the beginning of the school year. Teachers should export data at the end of the school year, delete the students and re enter new students at the beginning of the semester, year etc. We also have a pro-rated subscription in place. Check the website for pro-rated pricing.

As an Answer Pad + user  you can upload any .png, .gif or jpeg into the template gallery. You can also modify the image. For example, type a question on it, or add other question types to it before sending it out.

Yes. Data collected in the digital portfolio can be exported as a .pdf file. Data from the answer sheets can be exported as a .csv file.

Yes. The Answer Pad allows teachers to choose to capture the responses when they appear on the dashboard. All saved responses are collected and stored in the online digital portfolio.

Upgraded users do have the option for being paperless. The teacher can upload a .pdf file of the quiz and choose to display the quiz to the students along with the answer sheet.

The Answer Pad comes pre-loaded with Common Core standards for math and reading comprehension. If you are not using these standards, you can use a generic skill as a free user. If you are an Answer Pad+ user, you can customize your standards easily.

Once a teacher is logged in, there is a Learn Link which contains many short video tutorials. These are great for self paced learning. The Answer Pad also has free webinars, regular office hours on Google Hangout, and a demo can be scheduled at any time. Technical support is available via email.

Yes. All our TAP champions know The Answer Pad well, and would be happy to answer your questions. Each champion has a page on the website with contact information.

TAP champions are teachers and technical integration specialists that are avid Answer Pad users. They are actively involved with either Edcamps, Social Media, train and share technology with other teachers, or regularly present at local, regional or national conferences. They help us with new features that we are working on, give us feedback on the the tool, and help to spread the word about the platform. The application for the program is available all year, but we typically select the TAP champions in June for the following school year.