Interactive is a really great tool to use at the beginning of school! It’s a fun way to engage your students and to do some awesome icebreakers.

  • Use the drawing tool to ask them to draw a picture about one thing that they did during the break. Or upload your Student Search, or Scavenger Hunt and the students can complete, then share.
  • Ask students to share about a book or a movie that they either read or saw using the text tool, or the draw tool. They could draw a scene from the movie and have the other students guess what they saw or read.
  • Use the free template and have students draw a self portrait. Hide the names and display the dashboard. Students can guess who is who from the drawings.
    self drawings
  • Work collaboratively on a drawing using the Broadcast tool. Everyone submits part 1 of a drawing. Hide names, project the drawings. Vote on the best one, and broadcast that image out to all students to complete part 2 etc.
  • Use the fill-in type to gather and discuss classroom rules. Perhaps you could come up with rules on the whiteboard, and use the Thumbs Up/Down to vote on whether the rule should be included in the Classroom Constitution.
  • Mapping Your Identity: How about students creating a visual thesaurus to introduce themselves to the class? Students can use the draw tools, line tools and text boxes, upload a photo of themselves or a pet etc.



These are just a few ideas. Do you have any others that would work well on The Answer Pad?