We hope you all had a fantastic summer and are now energized and enthusiastic about the new school year and all the fantastic opportunities ahead. Summer is a great time for professional development, catching up on all those great books that you hear about during the school year, but do not have time to read, and also an awesome opportunity to learn a new tool that might be helpful in your classroom. Many of you have been experimenting with The Answer Pad this summer and we are super happy to have you on board. We are also seeing a great number of returning teachers that have been incorporating our tool on a daily basis for a year or two or more.

If you are a returning teacher, you will probably have your group and students in the system from last year. Now is a good time to do some housework and clean up a few things. Here is how to go about setting up The Answer Pad for this school year. Please read the following points carefully so that you fully understand how the system works and the order in which to do your household chores!

  1. The first thing to understand is that when a student is registered in our system, the student is registered into a group and also into a roster which we call Existing Users. Existing Users is a list of all students in the system, regardless of whether or not they are in a group.
  2. If you have a free account, or one of the TAP+ accounts, there is a limit on the number of student licenses that are available. If you do not delete students from year to year, you may run out of licenses and you will not be able to enroll more students.
  3. Deleting a group does not mean that the students have been deleted from the system. They will still appear in the existing users list.
  4. Any quizzes that you have used will still be assigned to your students. You will need to unassign all those quizzes first so that you can use them again. You will not be able to unassign the quizzes after the students have been deleted. So take care of this part first. If you are upgraded, you should export any data you wish to keep. Unassigning will erase all data for the quiz.


STEP 1: Unassign Quizzes.

Click on Library to see if you have any tests that are assigned to students that are currently in the system. Assigned tests are marked by a blue checkmark. Unassign these tests first before proceeding to Step 2 and 3. Please note that TAP Sample Quiz cannot be unassigned or deleted. This is also true for any shared tests, denoted by the orange share icon.

To unassign, move to the right of the test to the three horizontal line icon which is for assign. Click to go to the assign page and check the box next to the group name ( this will select all students in the group). Move to the right and click Unassign.

Do this for each test that is currently assigned.

STEP 2: Wiping your existing user list.

Create a new group with no students in it. Click on the name of the group to open it. Click on Existing Users in the right-hand panel. This will list all your users that are not enrolled in the group you have open. In this case, it will be all since you have no students in that group. You can select all students here and click Delete from School. This will wipe your existing user list and your other groups will then be empty.


STEP 3:  Deleting Groups

Click on Groups. The groups should now have no students in them. Select the group by checking the box to the left of the group name, then click Delete.


Following steps 1-3 in the correct order,

  • should leave all your answer sheets intact and ready to be assigned,
  • leave you with an empty existing user list, and no current groups created,
  • give you back all your student licenses.


Please send us an email if you need additional assistance with any of the tasks listed above.