Go Interactive from The Answer Pad creates an environment where your more reluctant students have an opportunity to show what they know. The draw feature is an awesome tool to help students demonstrate that they understand the concept being taught in the classroom. Teachers have access to a number of backgrounds to help the students show their responses.

Once the students respond, the teacher dashboard immediately updates. This tool provides timely information to teachers so that they can adjust their instruction accordingly. No more having to formally test the students to find out their level of understanding. Do it “on-the-fly” in the classroom and you will know when the students have mastered the concept.
draw parabola

No one would show up for a road test when learning to drive, without spending significant time practicing the necessary skills to pass. Students too, should have ample opportunity to make mistakes, learn from the mistakes, and practice all the skills necessary to pass the test.
When they are ready, go ahead and give them a quiz- just make sure you have The Answer Pad score it for you!