We hope that you have all had a wonderful summer “break”. Some of you are already back at school, many of you will be back soon. As you know, we retired version 1 of The Answer Pad, along with its TAPit Free app in July. When you access The Answer Pad now, you will be going to the new version.  Thank you to all the BETA testers out there. Your feedback and support is so important to us.

So, what do you need to know?

Teachers are still browser based. Students too, but we have two brand new apps called Answer Pad. The apps are for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. If you are using the apps, please take the time to leave us a rating and review 🙂

We have a new user interface which we hope you will like. This includes new drawing tools, and increased speed for Interactive.

A bunch of new features have also been introduced over the summer:

  • Single Sign On for Google.
  • Broadcast: The ability to send out a received response to the entire group. Great for working through problems collaboratively.
  • Show/ Hide Names and Answers on Interactive.
  • Sharing of Answer Sheets by email.
  • Two new question types: Essay and Multiple Correct.
  • Updated templates in the Template Gallery.
  • Integration with Google Drive for exporting Portfolio and uploading images for Interactive.
  • Live chat on the website for teacher support.

We are working on some exciting new capabilities in the coming weeks. So check back soon!