Interactive, our version of a student response tool is a great formative assessment tool but can also be used just to check in with your students. We envisage teachers connecting with students at the beginning of class and interacting with them throughout the class period as needed. Here are some ways you can use Interactive in your classroom.

  • Check attendance as students join.
  • Use the Thumbs up Thumbs down tool to quickly engage.
  • Use the free Likert Scale to follow up to a previous question or task. How confident are you in the answer that you just submitted?
  • Use the show and hide names for anonymity.
  • Students can upload or take pictures of their work or of something relevant to the topic and submit it as their response.
  • Add a form of interaction to an image by adding MC hot spots, Likert Scale or Thumbs up/down to the image, changing it from a draw to a select response.
  • Take one of your student’s responses and use Broadcast to send that response to the entire group to encourage collaboration.
  • Join the group yourself as a student, model the correct answer by submitting a correct response. Hide the names and engage in a group conversation about why that particular response is good. This could also be great if you were to submit an incorrect response.